Fleciah Mburu (Njeri)

Fleciah Mburu (Njeri), Member at Large
Master of Public Administration ’18, Certificate of Public Management ’18

As a Schar student, Njeri supplemented her passion for emergency management and homeland security through her course work, research and practical experience. Njeri’s work ethic and drive have kept her focused in both her academic endeavors, as well as her professional career. She embodies the spirit and values of a public servant. She is eager to not only create opportunities for her own growth and learning, but to lift others up and provide encouragement and support to her peers as well. She is passionate about getting involved, has a strong curiosity for learning, and is able to connect with people from all walks of life. As a Graduate Research Assistant and Campus Ambassador, Njeri was able to engage with students and help Dr. Neaves bridge the gap between theory, and practice.

Since graduating Schar in 2018, Njeri has continued to find ways to connect with people and stay involved in the emergency management/homeland security field through numerous academic and professional opportunities. For example, as a Camp Counselor for the 2017 and 2019 Arlington County HERricane program, she empowered young girls ages 13-17 to pursue leadership roles in emergency management through training in incident management, national hazards, and leadership skills. The camp recognizes the value and importance of empowering young women and maintaining long-term hands-on professional development opportunities. Thanks to her involvement in the camp, Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency has spearheaded the initiative to develop a HERricane DC camp for young girls too. Academically, Njeri has continued to challenge herself and is completing her 2nd Master’s degree and expanding on the knowledge she gained at Schar.  As an alumna, she is involved as a Schar School Alumni Student Support Committee Member.