Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's (BAM) Information for Current Students

Course Registration

Once admitted to the Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's (BAM) program, you will be able to enroll in the approved coursework after completion of 75 undergraduate credits via your graduate advisor (see the full list here). Once you complete 75 credits, your student status will be listed as “Junior Plus.” Please note that approval of specific courses does not guarantee that a specific course section will be open or offered at the time of registration.

The first 12 approved credits you earn as a BAM student are considered "advanced standing" and will apply to both your undergraduate and graduate degrees. Any additional credits are considered reserve and only count towards your graduate degree.

Classes Eligible for BAM Students

Biodefense, MS (up to 15 credits) GOVT 500, BIOD 604, BIOD 605, BIOD 620, BIOD 609
Global Commerce and Policy, MA (up to 18 credits) GCP 500, GCP 503, GCP 504, GCP 501, GCP 602, GCP 603, GCP 605
International Security, MA (up to 12 credits) GOVT 540, POGO 511* or GCP 501, PUBP 504, PUBP 506
Organization Development and Knowledge Management, MS (12 credits) ODKM 600, ODKM 605, ODKM 610, and ODKM 621
Public Administration (up to 18 credits) PUAD 502, POGO 511*, PUAD 520, PUAD 540, one of the methods core courses, one of the finance/budgeting/accounting core courses
Public Policy (up to 18 credits) PUBP 500, POGO 511*, PUAD 662,  one Practice flex option (PUBP 570 or PUAD 649), one Analysis flex option (POGO 611 or 646), and Governance flex option PUBP 503
Political Science, MA (up to 18 credits) GOVT 500, GOVT 510, GOVT 520, GOVT 530, GOVT 540, POGO 511

*Students must first pass a Statistical Screening Exam before being allowed to register for this course.

Transition from Undergraduate to Matriculated Graduate Status

In order to transition to a matriculated Master’s student, you must complete and submit the Bachelors/Accelerated Master's Transition Form at the same time you file your Intent to Graduate form related to your bachelor’s degree.

To complete and submit the form:

  1. Fill out your advanced standing and reserve graduate credit hours; Sign your form;
  2. Obtain the signature of your undergraduate advisor;
  3. Obtain the signature of your graduate advisor who will also forward the form for processing

If, upon submission of your transition form, you are deemed to have met all necessary requirements, you will receive an offer of admission to your approved master’s program and will be granted advanced standing, permitting your graduate credits to be applied toward your master’s degree. If you have not met all necessary requirements, you will receive notification that your transition has not been approved by the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Upon completion of all requirements for the bachelor’s degree, accelerated students will be fully admitted to the master’s degree program for the fall or spring term (not summer) following bachelor’s degree conferral. The policies below govern accelerated matriculation into graduate degree status:

  • Students admitted to an accelerated master’s program must continue satisfactory performance in undergraduate course work in order to progress to matriculated graduate status. A grade of B or better must be earned in all undergraduate course taken after application to an accelerated master’s program.
  • Students must earn a B or better in all graduate coursework taken while in accelerated status.
  • Students must pursue their master’s degree in the semester immediately following their bachelor’s degree conferral
  • Students must complete a minimum of 18 credits after matriculation into master’s degree status

After transition, regardless of advanced standing, you will be assessed graduate tuition and will be subject to all graduate academic policies as detailed in the University Catalog.