Biodefense Dissertations by Graduation Date

Biodefense Dissertations by Graduation Date


May 2022    
Students Chair Dissertation Title
SPROULL, Mary Gregory D. Koblentz Modeling of Mass Casualty Management during a Radiological or Nuclear Event (May 2022)


December 2021    
Students Chair Dissertation Title
KIM, Hyunjung Gregory D. Koblentz Use of Unapproved Medical Countermeasures during Public Health Emergencies: Comparing the United States and South Korea (December 2021)


December 2020    
Students Chair Dissertation Title
LIM, Yong-Bee Gregory D. Koblentz For Liberty and Accessible Science for All: Building a Better Understanding of U.S. Community Laboratories and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Biology Movement (December 2020)


December 2019    
Students Chair Dissertation Title
BARBER, Margaret D.M. A. Trevor Thrall Call of Duty? How Insurgent Organizations Choose to Provide Social Services (December 2019)
PARIS, Katherine V. James K. Conant An Assessment of the Risk of Misuse of Genome Editing Technologies (December 2019)
August 2019    
Students Chair Dissertation Title
HESS, Ashley Ben Ouagrham-Gormley Has UN Security Council Resolution 1540 Strengthened the International Nonproliferation Regime? (August 2019)
POPESCU, Saskia Gregory D. Koblentz How Cost Containment Undermines Disease Containment: Political and Economic Obstacles to Investing in Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) (August 2019)


December 2018    
Students Chair Dissertation Title
OSETEK, Jennifer Gregory D. Koblentz The Last Mile: Removing Non-medical Obstacles in the Pursuit of Global Health Security (December 2018)
August 2018    
Students Chair Dissertation Title
DUCKETT, Julia Gregory D. Koblentz Global Health Governance in the Caribbean: States, Institutions, and Networks (August 2018)
May 2018
Students Chair Dissertation Title
Brown, Christopher K. Ben Ouagrham-Gormley Protecting Critical U.S. Workers from Occupational Exposure to Emerging Infectious Diseases: Toward A Universal Personal Protective Equipment Selection Matrix for Early Outbreak Response (May 2018)
Musmar, Jomana Gregory D. Koblentz The Path to PAHPRA: The Evolution of Pediatric Biodefense Legislation and Medical Countermeasure Development (May 2018)


May 2017
Students Chair Dissertation Title
SEVILLA, Nereyda Gregory D. Koblentz Germs on a Plane: The Transmission and Risks of Airplane-Borne Diseases (May 2017)


December 2016
Students Chair Dissertation Title
LUDWICK, Keith W. Thrall The Legend of the Lone Wolf: Categorizing Singular and Small Group Terrorism (December 2016)
WIENER, Craig Thrall Penetrate, Exploit, Disrupt, Destroy: The Rise of Computer Network Operations as a Major Military Innovation (December 2016)
May 2016
Students Chair Dissertation Title
GINES, Jonathan S. Gregory D. Koblentz Designing Biorisk Oversight: Applying Design Science Research to Biosafety and Biosecurity (May 2016)
KEHN, Patricia A. Trevor Thrall Flu News You Can Use? An Analysis of Flu News Quality 2008-2010 (May 2016)
WALLACE, Mittie P. Sheldon M. Edner Emergency Preparedness in Virginia, Maryland and DC: Using Exchange Theory to Identify Government-Nonprofit Incentives and Barriers to Collaboration (May 2016)


December 2015
Students Chair Dissertation Title
FYE-MARNIEN, Shannon R. Ben Ouagrham-Gormley An Examination of Contingency in Synthetic Genomics Research and Implications for National Security (December 2015)
August 2015
Students Chair Dissertation Title
CURRY, Jeffrey W. Thrall Exploring Linkages between Generativity, Mentoring, and Job Satisfaction among Federal Government Employees (August 2015)


December 2014
Students Chair Dissertation Title
RIOJAS, Marco Popov Bioaerosol Dispersal Models and the In Silico Design of a Synthetic Strain of Bacillus subtilis with Stringent Growth Regulation (December 2014)
May 2014
Students Chair Dissertation Title
FROST, Jenna Thrall The Nexus Between Criminal and Extremist Groups in Latin America: Implications for Unconventional Weapons Acquisition (May 2014)
MANZANEC, Brian Thrall Norm Wars: The Evolution of Norms for Emerging-Technology Weapons, from Chemical Weapons to Cyber Warfare (May 2014)
SUMNER, William Toepler Infectious Diseases and Indigenous Non-Government Organization Mitigation Efforts: A Qualitative Study of Potential Capacity Development Activities within Nigeria (May 2014)


May 2013
Students Chair Dissertation Title
MEDLEY, Steve van Hoek Transfer, Tracking, and Reaerosolization of a Biological Contaminant Following Field Operator Servicing of an Aerosol Sampler (May 2013)


May 2012
Students Chair Dissertation Title
DONES, D. Darrell Harbour In Plain View: Terrorist-Gang Threats of Biological Weapons Use (May 2012)
LEWIS, Douglas Thrall The Shaping of United States Biodefense Posture (May 2012)
NOLL, Sabina Koblentz The Social Origins of Terrorism: Insights from the Study of Youth Gangs (May 2012)