GOVT - Spring 2023

GOVT-133-001: Introduction to Comparative Politics
Instructor: Philip Martin

GOVT-301-DL2: Public Law and Judicial Process
Instructor: Carol Walker

GOVT-304-001: American State and Local Government
Instructor: William Bolling

GOVT-318-DL1: Interest Groups, Lobbying and the Political Process Syllabus
Instructor: David Rehr

GOVT-319-003: Virginia Political History
Instructor: John Milliken

GOVT-319-004: Political Leadership and Crisis Management
Instructors: Tom Davis and Ricky Rossello

GOVT-319-007: Legal Writing
Instructor: Phillip Mink

GOVT-319-DL2: Internet Law & Policy
Instructor: Svetlana Matt

GOVT-332-001: Governments and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
Instructor: Heba El-Shazli

GOVT-333-DL1: Government & Politics of Asia
Instructor: Erica Seng-White

GOVT-338-001: Government and Politics of Russia
Instructor: Bartle Gorman

GOVT-339-001: Introduction to Science and Technology Policy
Instructor: Muhammad Salar Khan

GOVT-341-001: Chinese Foreign Policy
Instructor: Ketian Zhang

GOVT-342-001: Diplomacy
Instructor: Greg Delawie

GOVT-345-001: Islam and Politics
Instructor: Heba El-Shazli

GOVT-351-DL1: Administration in Political Systems
Instructor: Michelle Buehlmann

GOVT-351-DL2: Administration in the Political System
Instructor: William Bolling

GOVT-356-001: Public Budgeting and Finance
Instructor: Leonard Wales

GOVT-358-DL1: Nonprofit Financial Planning
Instructor: Lynne Weikart

GOVT-361-001: Introduction to Environmental Policy
Instructor: Todd LaPorte

GOVT-399-001: Pillars of Research - Learning Community
Instructor: Heba El-Shazli

GOVT-409-001: Virginia Legislative Process
Instructor: David Ramadan

GOVT-422-001: Constitutional Interpretation
Instructor: Robert Deitz

GOVT-427-DL1: Feminist Political Thought
Instructor: Elizabeth Gibson

GOVT-443-001: Law and Ethics of War
Instructor: Lee Roberts

GOVT-444-DL2: History of Taiwan
Instructor: Gerrit van der Wees

GOVT-445-001: Human Rights
Instructor: Sarah Dorman

GOVT-452-001: Administrative Law and Procedure
Instructor: William Froehlich

GOVT-464-001: U.S. Energy Policy
Instructor: Joel Hicks

GOVT-464-DL1: Public Interest Technology (Understanding Technology, Applications, & Policies for the Public Good)
Instructor: Alan Shark

GOVT-464-DL2: Space and Science Policy 
Instructor: James Olds

GOVT-490-003: Infrastructure Past, Present and Future
Instructor: Jonathan Gifford

GOVT-490-DL3: Creating Well-Being
Instructor: Jessica Srikantia

GOVT-520-001: Political Theory
Instructor: Joanna Rozpedowski

GOVT-631-001: Theories of the State
Instructor: Mariely Lopez-Santana

GOVT-706-001: Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
Instructor: Charles Keckler

GOVT-743-DL1: International Political Economy
Instructor: Hilton Root

GOVT-744-001: Foundations of Security Studies
Instructor: John Gordon

GOVT-745-DL1: International Security
Instructor: Ellen Laipson