Public Policy Dissertations by Graduation Date


August 2023    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
CAMPBELL, Kristy Gest A Study on Presidential Approval and the Use of Force  (August 2023)
JOHNSON, Maurice Listokin The Impact of Addressing Social Determinants on Health Outcomes Among Medicaid Patients (August 2023)
May 2023    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
COHEN, Jordan Hunzecker Deal or No Deal: Explaining Congressional Restrictions on Arms Transfers (May 2023)
DALESANDRY, Malia Schintler Persistent Criminalization as a Protracted Crisis: Stigma and Rational Choice Within the Sex Workers’ Rights Community (May 2023)
MCCORMICK, Michael Gifford The Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Passenger Hub Airport Abandonment by Legacy US Air Carriers (May 2023)
OUTZEN, Richard Mandaville The U.S. Practice of Coercive Diplomacy 1990-2020 (May 2023)
SHEARN, Benjamin Rhodes Identity Framing: How Indian Policy-Maker Identity Affects Threat Perception (May 2023)


December 2022    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
HARTMAN, Anna Dinan Out of the Shadows: EU Security Strategies and the Emergence of Intelligence Sharing (December 2022)
HUTCHINSON, George Rhodes Sovereignty, Legitimacy, and the Bomb:  A Framework for Explaining North Korea’s Nuclear Decisions and Strategies (December 2022)
NUCCI, Owen Koizumi Three-Paper Dissertation on Female Veteran Healthcare Relating to Mental Health (December 2022)
PARKER, Emma Pfiffner The Securitization of United States Foreign Assistance (December 2022)
August 2022    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
DUNLAP, Katrina Hubbard Schintler Linking Public Trust in Government with Federal Disaster Relief Aid: A Case Study of Hurricane-Prone Gulf Coast Residents (August 2022)
KHAN, Muhammad Salar Hart and Olds Absorptive Capacity and Economic Growth: How Does Absorptive Capacity Affect Economic Growth in Low- and Middle-Income Countries? (August 2022)
SIDDIQUE, Abu Bakkar Koizumi Three Essays on Tax Behavior, Public Goods Provisions, and Income Poverty (August 2022)
May 2022    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
GUDGEL, John E. Koblentz Insurance as a Private Sector Regulator and Promoter of Security and Safety: Case Studies in Governing Emerging Technological Risk from Commercial Nuclear Power to Health Care Sector Cybersecurity (May 2022)
LI, Meng-Hao Schintler Multi-State Markov Models for the Analysis of EMR Diffusion in Health Care (May 2022)
NAYEBPOUR, Mehdi Koizumi Personalization of Immunosuppressive Medication for Kidney Transplant Recipients (May 2022)


December 2021    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
KECKLER, Charles Rozell
The Functional and Constitutional Consequences of Independent Commission Structure (December 2021)
August 2021    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
FASEHUN, Simisola Goldstone Impact of Humanitarian Aid on Facilitating Corruption: A Look at Nations in Central America and the Caribbean
KHWAJA, Elsa Reinert The Network Architecture of Rural Development Interventions: Exploring the Relational Dynamics of Aid-impact in the Fragile and Conflict-Affected Cases of Pakistan and Afghanistan
ZHANG, Hong Goldstone Internationalization of China’s Developmental State: Mechanisms and Impacts
May 2021    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
CAHILL, James D. Rhodes War Plans and Effective Military Organizations
CROMER, Gia C. Goldstone Transitioning Education in Emergencies in Africa
FISHEL, Eugene M.  Rhodes Third-Party Considerations in U.S. Bilateral Relations:  Four Case Studies Examining the Presence of the Moscow Factor in U.S. Policy Toward Sovereign Ukraine 
KIM, Hyun Ju (Monica) Koizumi Essays on Household Decision-Making and Mobile Access in Ethiopia
PATACSIL, Peter K. Rhodes The Design and Evolution of the United States Cyber Command


December 2020    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
GILL, Angela D. Goldstone Leadership Legitimation and Political Instability in U.S. Interventions
JUSTUS, Adam R. Mayer Is Your Public Housing RAD? Public Housing Authority Capacity Building and Decision Making
KRISHNASWAMY, Suresh Auerswald Clouds in the Distance?  Assessing the Role of Service Provisioning Decisions in Shaping Cyber Infrastructure Resilience
KWON, Chang McNeely Fiscal Policy, Transparency, and Subjective Well-Being
PEDLIKIN, Philip D. Mayer The Closure of Institutions for the Intellectually Disabled: How Depopulation Impacts Programs and Spending
August 2020    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
FREITAS, Elizabeth Neglia Koizumi The Impact of the End Stage Renal Disease Quality Incentive Program on the Elderly (August 2020)
IQBAL, Mufeeza Reinert Poverty, Basic Needs, and Political Violence: Insights into the Social Context of Terrorism from Pakistan's Northwestern Tribal Areas (August 2020)
WILSON, Brian Z. Goldstone Foreign Aid and Governance in a Complex Adaptive System (August 2020)
May 2020    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BRYANT, Victoria Slavov The Outbreak of a Tax Break: Essays on the Participation and Impact of the Saver's Credit Across Time and Distance (May 2020)
CHEN, Daowen Wendy Abramson Crowdfunding for Commercial and Social Ventures (May 2020)
DANI, Lokesh Auerswald Reconciling Design and Evolution in Economic Development: Methods to Map Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (May 2020)
ENGSTROM, Jeffrey Wan Patterns of Military Coercion: China and Taiwan, 1949-1958 (May 2020)
FERNANDES, Benjamin J. Goldstone Impact of Foreign Military Education and Training on Coups (May 2020)
HASHEMI, Layla Shelley Dynamics of Contention: Protest and Resistance in Authoritarian Contexts (May 2020)
KIM, Mee Jung Earle Finance, Business Growth and Entrepreneurship (May 2020)
LEE, Joshua A. Schintler Artificial Neural Networks in Public Policy: Towards an Analytical Framework (May 2020)
SHPAK, Solomiya Earle Essays on FDI, Oligarchs, and Firm Performance (May 2020)
SONG, Abraham Keunwon Acs State Business Incentives, Job Creation, and Entrepreneurship (May 2020)


December 2019    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
HICKS, Joel Hart Behavioral Interventions in Energy Consumption (December 2019)
MITOKO, Jeremiah B. Auerswald Toward A Risk Tolerant Paradigm in Microcredit: Modeling the Case of Kenya (December 2019)
PARDO, Camilo H. Shelley The Political Economy of Land Property Rights in the Colombian Civil War: A Study on Land-Grabbing (December 2019)
STOLORZ, Sebastian Hughes Hallett The Implementation of Inflation Targeting in Emerging and Developing Countries: The Role of Accountability in Designing and Executing Monetary Policy Regime (December 2019)
August 2019    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BOLAÑOS FLETES, Lisardo Armando Hughes Hallett Choosing Trade Partners to Avoid Falling Behind (August 2019)
GUTH, Andrew Shelley The Corruption-Clientelism Relationship: Social Bonds and Debts Obligations (August 2019)
May 2019    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
DAVIS, Carol Barnett Koizumi An Examination of Family Health Spending and Medical-Financial Experience Circa Enactment of the PPACA of 2010 (May 2019)
LEE, Kyung Min Earle Essays on Labor, Health, and Entrepreneurship (May 2019)
PERRON, Michael A. Rhodes State Sovereignty at Risk: A Descriptive Case Study on the Foreign Policy Decision-Making Behavior of Kim Jong Il During the Six-Party Talks (2003-2009) (May 2019)


December 2018    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
CHONG, Dae In Root Undervaluation, Political Economy, and Development (December 2018)
GOEPNER, Erik Thrall Hurt People Hurt People: Trauma, the State, and Civil War (December 2018)
PETERS, Lutheria N. Schintler The Positionality of Race in Graduate and Professional School Admissions: A Theoretical Lens and Empirical Contribution for Race Conscious and Race Neutral Policies (December 2018)
PLANT JR., John T. Goldstone Population Policies for Developed States in Eastern Europe: A Framework for Comprehensive National Responses to Demographic Change (December 2018)
WANG, Yiying Elle Goldstone West African Merchants in Yiwu City, China: Immigrant Identities and Chinese Immigration Policies (December 2018)
WATERS, Keith L. Fuller Firm Formation and Regional Labor Allocation (December 2018)
August 2018    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
HEFFELMIRE, Kirk Koizumi The Spread of Evidence-Based Practices in Public Mental Health Services (August 2018)
MORAR, David Listokin Analyzing the Relationship Between Communities of Practice and Institutional Structure in Multistakeholder Frameworks. A Case Study in Internet Governance (August 2018)
May 2018    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BUCKLEY, Karen J. Pfiffner Deadly Contagion: The Tactical Use and Migration of Suicide Bombings (May 2018)
HELFRICH, Monique V. McNeely Crafting Policy in the Face of Uncertainty: Managing the Risk of High-Consequence Operations (May 2018)
O’LAUGHLIN, Johanna C. Goldstone Aging in America: Exploring the Long-Term Care Puzzle and Barriers to Private Insurance Coverage (May 2018)
SAMUDA, Karelle A.Y. Goldstone The Political Economy of the Constituency Development Fund in Kenya and Jamaica (May 2018)
UMAROV, Utkirdjan Haynes Modeling Lending Pressure and House Price Bubble Absorption: A Case of the United States (May 2018)


December 2017    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
SARKISSIAN, Alfred Hart Essays on the Drug Discovery Innovation System (May 2017)
August 2017
Student Chair Dissertation Title
GARG, Sachin Auerswald
Essays on Big Data and Development
HIGGINBOTHAM, Brian/td> Auerswald The Standardization of Standardization: The Search for Order in Complex Systems
May 2017    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
CHOI, Yon Jung McNeely Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a World Cultural Norm?: A Comprehensive Analysis of Global CSR Governance
DOLAN, Dana Archer Posner Tracing a Slow Emergency through Kingdon’s Politics Stream: How Australia’s Extreme Millennium Drought Influenced Climate Change Adaptation Governance in the 2007 Water Act
HODGE, Ronald Listokin Patterns of Adoption for Mobile Broadband: Its Role in the U.S. Digital Divide
KWEUN, Jeong Yun Stough Essays on Travel Demand for Toll Roads
LITTON, Eric Marvel How Do Framed Messages Affect Budget Recommendations? An Experiment in Federal Government Budgeting


December 2016
Student Chair Dissertation Title
CUARTAS, Beatriz Reinert Essays on Well-being and Quality of Life in Latin America
HIMATHONGKAM, Tinapa Koizumi Grocery Shopping Destination Choice and Obesity: an Empirical Study of Urban Population in Bangkok, Thailand
MCGOVERN, Tara A. Shelley New Armed Groups in Colombia: The Emergence of the Bacrim in the 21st Century
NOVAK, Justin M. Hart Use of Knowledge Commons in Open Innovation Systems: The Case of Free and Open Source Software
TINGLE, Anthony L. Hart Essays on the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs
August 2016
Student Chair Dissertation Title
KAZMI, Hina Schintler Government Contracts and the Organization of Firms
MARSTON, Kayyonne Shelley In Pursuit of Illicit Goals: Structure, Dynamics, and Collapse of Crime Facilitating Networks in Jamaica
May 2016
Student Chair Dissertation Title
DEWAL, Snigdha Root Governance and Political Entrepreneurship in India: Case Studies of Gujarat and Bihar
HU, Yinyue Schintler The Adoption of Electronic Medical Records by US Hospitals: An Exploration of Network Methods and Models
HUSSAIN, Nazia Shelley Tracing Order in Seeming Chaos: Understanding the Informal and Violent Political Order of Karachi
MCCREESH, Patrick J. Listokin The Factors Contributing to Agency-Level Budgetary Patterns in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)


December 2015
Student Chair Dissertation Title
DAITO, Nobuhiko Gifford Essays on Infrastructure Public Private Partnerships
LASSELLE, Alexis R. Pfiffner Legislating “Military Entitlements": A Challenge to the Congressional Abdication Thesis
PHARIS, Claudia C. Stough A Framework for the Application of the Tools of Complexity Science to the Analysis of Regional Growth and Development: Toward a Computational Regional Science
PORTER, Tameka Armor Affirmative Action and Mismatch at Selective Postsecondary Institutions
SALEEM, Raja Muhammad Ali Goldstone Effect of Islam's Role in State Nationalism on the Islamization of Government: Case Studies of Turkey and Pakistan
August 2015
Student Chair Dissertation Title
COGHLAN, Thomas K. Pfiffner Intelligence Community (IC) Performance Management: Did the Director of National Intelligence’s (DNI) 2007 IC Policy Directive 651 on Performance Management Achieve its Policy Objectives?
COHEN, Martin F. Hart Testing Theories of Innovation Diffusion: Analysis of Physicians’ Adoption of Electronic Health Records
DUCHAK, George D. Hill Some Determinants of Information Technology Adoption Factors by Rural Electric Cooperatives
MILLER, David J. Acs Campus as Frontier: High Growth Student Startups at US Colleges and Universities
SKLAREW, Jennifer Hart Shock to the System: How Catastrophic Events and Institutional Relationships Impact Japanese Energy Policymaking, Resilience, and Innovation
VOLPE, Michael Goldstone Frame Resonance and Failure in the Thai Red Shirts and Yellow Shirts Movements
May 2015
Student Chair Dissertation Title
AFAQI, Jamil Wedel The Effect of Culture on the Workings of Bureaucracy: A Comparison of the U.S. and Pakistani Audit Bureaucracies (May 2015)
AMES, Fred Lewis Addleson The Drive to Improve Performance in the Federal Government: A Longitudinal Case Study of Managing for Results (May 2015)
CHAMPAGNE, Maurice B. Fuller Interest Groups and Ideas: The Battle over Housing Finance in the Run-up to the Financial Crisis (May 2015)
GERMAN, Keith H. Goldstone Interagency Interaction: Exploring the Facilitators & Inhibitors of Interagency Interaction in the US National Security System (May 2015)
MALIK, Ammar Anees Root Exploring the Dynamics of Urban Development with Agent-Based Modeling: The Case of Pakistani Cities (May 2015)
WAHAB, Bilal A. Shelley Oil Federalism in Iraq: Resource Curse, Patronage Networks, and Stability. Case Studies of Baghdad, Kurdistan, and the Advent of ISIS (May 2015)


December 2014    
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BALASURIYA, Kanishka Root How Decentralization Matters to Conflict: Devising a Generalizable Framework
BIERNACKA-LIEVESTRO, Joanna Fuller Analyzing the Association between Walkability and Regional Economic Vitality
HOPEWEL, Lindsey McNeely Manifestations of Diversity: An Ecological Analysis of the Institutionalization of Ethnic Studies Programs
STANFORD, Virgil Ian LaPorte Rooftop Revolution? The Comparative Effectiveness of State Incentives for Solar Photovoltaic Adoption in the Residential Sector
SZYMALAK, Jim Pfiffner Expanding the Obligation to Accommodate Public Employee Religious Free Expression and its Effects on Bureaucratic Accountability
August 2014
Student Chair Dissertation Title
ANDERSON, Douglas Koizumi An Examination of Potential Medical Group Practice Participation in Accountable Care Organizations
FARLEY, Robin Baker Making Program/Budget Decisions about the Future of the Navy: How Senior Flag Officers Work with Political Appointees and Career Civilian Executives inside the Navy Headquarters
GOPALAN, Sasidaran Rajan Monetary and Financial Implications of Foreign Bank Entry in Emerging and Developing Economies
KALLAS-ZELEK, Kadri Hart Innovation in the Services Sector: Towards a New Typological Theory
RANVILLE, Michelle Rudder The Effectiveness of Due Process Requirements in Public and Private Standard-Setting
May 2014
Student Chair Dissertation Title
ARNOLD, Aaron M. Acs An Organizational Approach to Entrepreneurship in the Federal Sector (May 2014)
BOARDMAN, Mary C. Acs Development Assistance and Counterinsurgency: Understanding Philanthropy and Charity Within a Clear-Hold-Build Strategy (May 2014)
CERENZIA, Julia A. Listokin Professionalism and Self-Regulatory Standards: Responsiveness of Medical Licensure and Certification (May 2014)
CHEN, Zhenhua Haynes Regional Impact of Public Transportation Infrastructure in the U.S. Northeast Megaregion: A Spatial Econometric Computable General Equilibrium Assessment (May 2014)
HU, Xiaochu Fuller Immigration and Economic Growth in Metropolitan Areas (May 2014)
MAO, Rebecca J. Ketkar The Effects of Core Divestments on Innovations in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Public Policy Analysis (May 2014)
NEIVA, Rui Quesado Button Economic Efficiency of Air Navigation Service Providers: An Assessment in Europe (May 2014)
SRINIVASAN, Divya Koizumi The Influence of Health Reform on "Direct Pay" Medicine (May 2014)
YANANMANDRA, Venkataramana Rajan Essays on Monetary and Exchange Rate Effects in India (May 2014)
YUAN, Junyang Button Impacts of Traffic Congestion on Regional Production Efficiency: Cases of U.S. Urban Areas (May 2014)


December 2013
Student Chair Dissertation Title
APPLE, Kristen Stough Should Business Methods be Patentable? Understanding the Impact on Society of Business Methods Patents (December 2013)
DAS GUPTA, Debasree Stough Addressing High Fertility and Low Women's Work Participation: An Empirical Reflection on India (December 2013)
DAVIS, Theodore J. Hart High-Skill Migration as a Positive-Sum Relationship for Tradable Services: The Case of India and the United States (December 2013)
DONAHUE, Patricia F. McNeely We, The Community: A Study of Participation, Community and Public Policy (December 2013)
GUTIERREZ, Juan Julio Hart Plant-Level Innovation Patterns in a Globalized World: A Latin American Perspective (December 2013)
LAWRENCE, James A. Armor Growing Earnings Inequality in U.S. Metro Regions (1990 to 2004): The Role of the Financial Services and Information Technology Industries (December 2013)
LE RENARD, Callie Dinan External Actors and National Preference Formation: European Energy Security Policy and Relations with Russia (December 2013)
SCAPPINI, Karla L. Addleson Organizing for Aid Effectiveness: A Multi-Case Study of U.S. Foreign Aid Delivery Models (December 2013)
TURNER, Sidney C. Haynes The Political Economy of Urban Primacy: A Reconsideration (December 2013)
WILLIAMS, Michael B. Armor Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Military Leadership: A Feasibility Analysis of the Military Leadership Diversity Commission’s Service Academy Accession Recommendations (December 2013)
August 2013
Student Chair Dissertation Title
MASCI, Pietro High Insurance Market Development and Entrepreneurship, with a Focus on Latin America and Brazil
SHAKIROVA, Ramziya Hughes Hallett The Importance of Institutional Arrangements for Development: A Study of the Relationship between Decentralized Governance and the Provision of Public Education
May 2013
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BANERJEE, Pritam Reinert Trade in Professional Services and Technical Barriers to Trade in India's Preferential Trade Agreements (May 2013)
BUCHANAN, Scott C. Goldstone Alliance Structure and Transformation (May 2013)
DECHANT, Jason A. Pfiffner Catalyzing Change in Complex Organizations: The Department of Defense Office of Force Transformation (May 2013)
MCCLUSKEY, Neal P. Armor Education and Social Capital Maximization: Does Decentralization Hold the Key? (May 2013)
PARAJULI, Jitendra Haynes Broadband Internet in the U.S. (May 2013)
PARK, Eun Jung Armor Explaining Achievement Disparities between the United States and South Korea (May 2013)
SANY, Joseph Nzima Goldstone USAID Funds and Locals Own: Local Ownership of Projects in Situations of Fragility and Instability. The Cases of Idejen in Haiti and Building Peace and Prosperity in Casamance, Senegal (May 2013)
ZELNIO, Ryan Hart A Complexity Approach to Evaluating National Scientific Systems through International Scientific Collaborations (May 2013)


December 2012
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BERNARDY, Peter M. Armor Head Start: Assessing Common Explanations for the Apparent Disappearance of Initial Positive Effects (December 2012)
BEVERINOTTI, Javier H. Hughes Hallett Domestic Costs of Default: Financial Interactions and Policy Implications (December 2012)
COLEMAN, David W. Perry The U.S. Public Sector and its Adoption of Service Oriented Technology (December 2012)
KARADEMIR, Kutluer Goldstone Democratic Policing and Organizational Learning in UN Police Missions: A Mixed-Methods Study (December 2012)
KING, Marva E. McNeely Collaboration Program Effectiveness: Comparing Two Community Partnership Programs (December 2012)
PARFOMAK, Elizabeth C. Stough Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide: Socioeconomic Characteristics and Landowner Acceptance of Carbon Sequestration Sites (December 2012)
PATEL, Amit V. Stough Slumulation: An Integrated Simulation Framework to Explore Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Slum Formation in Ahmedabad, India (December 2012)
WALKER, Laura M. Rozell Religious-Based Decisions in Federal Appellate Courts: The Influence of Jurisdictional Characteristics and Judicial Attributes on Voting (December 2012)
WANG, Jiamin Stough Innovation through Alliance and M&A, Location Advantage, and Firm Growth: Evidence from U.S. Publicly Traded Pharmaceutical Companies (December 2012)
Zapata, Ellen A. Fuller A Mixed Method Analysis of Foreclosure and Local Government Policy in the Washington, D.C. Area (December 2012)
August 2012
Student Chair Dissertation Title
LINEHAN, Patrick D. Armor Factors Influencing Improved Student Achievement in Virginia (August 2012)
RAMNATH, Gayatri Ketkar Innovation in Emerging Market Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises: Barriers and Access to Resources (August 2012)
May 2012
Student Chair Dissertation Title
AGWARA, Hezekiah O. Goldstone Legacies of the Past: Coinciding Inequalities, Trust, and Entrepreneurial Capabilities of Nations
ISTRATE, Emilia C. Stough Small Businesses, Institutions, and the Informal Economy
JUNG, Yu Jin Fuller Linking Workforce Development and Economic Development in Regions: A Mixed Method Evaluation
January 2012
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BYBEE, Ashley-Louise N. Goldstone Narco State or Failed State? Politics and Narcotics in Guinea-Bissau
FAZZARI, Justin D. Fuller A Study of Metropolitan Economies from 1980 - 2000: Examining Changes in Metropolitan Sectoral Employment and Poverty
FONTANEZ, Paul J. Fuller Determinants of Kyrgyz Economic Growth
LI, Huaqun Haynes Regional Economic Inequality and Foreign Direct Investment in China
MUTONE-SMITH, Danielle Marie Tolchin Food Aid Reform: The Basis for an NGO Led Reform Process
SOUSA, Sonia A. Fuller Entrepreneurship and Initiatives in European Union Regional Competitiveness (January 2012)
TIAN, Fangmeng Hart Emigration of Chinese Scientists and its Impacts on National Research Performance from a Sending Country Perspective
ZHOU, Xin Gifford Transit Oriented Development: Does It Provide a More Affordable Way of Life? Examining Transit Oriented Development's Impacts on Household Travel Decisions


August 2011
Student Chair Dissertation Title
KELEKAR, Uma Stough Fiscal Interactions among Local Government Units – A Spatial Analysis of the Health and Education Expenditures in the Philippines
ONWUDIWE, Ruby Goldstone Globalization, Extractive FDI and the Effects of Multinational Corporations on Conflict Situations in Developing Countries
May 2011
Student Chair Dissertation Title
ABDUKADIROV, Sherzod A. Goldstone Emergence of Political Parties during Democratic Transitions: An Agent-based Approach
COLE, Benjamin R. Goldstone Re-conceptualizing Democracy: Harnessing Social Complexity at the State-Society Interface
HARDY, Matthew Gifford Simplified Integrated Transportation and Land Use Modeling to Support Metropolitan Planning Decisions: An Application and Assessment
SONG, Chunpu Stough The Regional Macroeconomic Effects of Public Infrastructure in China
January 2011
Student Chair Dissertation Title
ASLAM, Ghazia High Dictatorship As a Bargaining Process: The Case Of Pakistan
CENGIZ, Mahmut Shelley The Globalization of Turkish Organized Crime and the Policy Response
CUDA, Daniel L. High Competition, Depot Maintenance, and Businesslike Reform of the Department of Defense
HARE, Forrest B. Sommer The Interdependent Nature of National Cyber Security: Motivating Private Action for a Public Good
ROUGH, Jill A. Mayer Is the Abrams Doctrine Valid?: Exploring the Impact of Army National Guard Mobilization on Public Support for the War on Terror
VU, Ha Root Fiscal Policy in Vietnam: Does It Spur Regional Concentration?


August 2010
Student Chair Dissertation Title
KRUEGER, Richard D. Pfiffner Technology Transfer and U.S. National Security Policy: The Joint Strike Fighter
QIAN, Haifeng Acs Regional Systems of Entrepreneurship: The Nexus of Human Capital, Knowledge, and Entrepreneurial Activity
May 2010
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BARTON, Richard A. Pfiffner Postal Reorganization Legislation: Comparative Case Studies of the Legislative Process
FANDL, Kevin J. Goldstone Beyond the Invisible: The Impact of Trade Liberalization and Formalization on Small Businesses in Colombia
KAY, Ward R. Mayer Where's the "Public" in Public Policy: Skewed Democratic Pluralism vs. Nuanced Public Opinion in Attitudes toward Unauthorized Immigrants
KELLER, Bradford M. Fuller Higher Education and Employment: An Examination of How Support for Higher Education Can Improve Long-Term Economic Performance
KLOC, Michelle L. Koizumi Policy Options for Use of Media Directed to Increase the Supply of Bachelors Educated Nurses in the U.S.A.
SUTTER, Ryan C. Stough The Psychology of Entrepreneurship and the Technological Frontier - A Spatial Econometric Analysis of Regional Entrepreneurship in the United States
VEGA, Henry, L. Button Developing Countries and Their Airborne Export Flows of Perishable and High-Tech Goods
January 2010
Student Chair Dissertation Title
AU, Caterina Stough Diffusion and Adoption of Genetically Modified Cotton: Interaction of Agricultural Policies and Farm Households in the United
CHECHERITA, Cristina Hughes Hallett A Macroeconomic Analysis of Investment Under Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and Its Policy Implications - the Case of Developing Countries
DO, Soo Gwan Acs Does Social Capital Matter? The Impacts of Social Capital on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Economic Growth in the Knowledge Economy
HAMILTON, Robert Perry Foreign Science & Engineering Doctoral Attainment in American Universities
LAVENDER, Wayne Rozell Worldview and Public Policy: From American
Exceptionalism to American Empire
MAGNESS, Phillip High From Tariffs to the Income Tax: Trade Protection and Revenue in the United States
TIRTOSUHARTO, Darius Stough Regional Competitiveness in Indonesia: The
Incentives of Fiscal Decentralization on Efficiency and Economic Growth


August 2009
Student Chair Dissertation Title
PRASAD, Nikhilesh Goldstone Modernization as a Social Process: The Case of Britain
May 2009
Student Chair Dissertation Title
CHAPMAN, Lynn Haynes The Effects of Monetary Policy on U.S. Regional Employment 1999-2004
HARTKE, Jason Pfiffner The Environmental Presidency: Explaining Environmental Policy by Direct Action
O'NEIL, Sean Addleson The Formation of Collaborative Inter-Organizational Networks
SHOEMAKER, Melissa Wedel A House Divided: Evolution of EU Asylum Policy After The Bosnian War
SOKOLOWSKI, Eugene Fauntroy The Transitional Component of the African-American Electorate in the 2004 Presidential Election: Issue Orientation and the Voting Decision
VIRGILL, Nicola Acs Export Processing Zones: Tools of Development or Reform Delay?
January 2009
Student Chair Dissertation Title
HOLLEY JR, William T. Fuller Assessing the Impact of Prison Siting on Rural Economic Development
JEFFERSON, Katherine D. Stough Transportation Policy and Quality of Life: An Analysis of the Socioeconomic Effects of Implementing Ramp Metering, High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes and High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lanes Within an Urban Transportation Network
LIU, Yanchun Haynes Impacts of Telecommunications Infrastructure and Its Spillover Effects on Regional Economic Growth in China
MAY, Kyle P. Hart Internet Disseminated Medical Information: An Investigation of Three Regulatory Policy Tools
METSCHER, Karen Noelle Goldstone Population Health Measures as Indicators of Fertility Change
SCHUM, Richard M. Sibley A Study in Direct Democracy: The Citizen Initiative & the Determinants of Voter Behavior
WEISSBURG, Paul Rudder Shifting Alliances in the Accreditation of Higher Education: On the Long-Term Consequences of Delegation of Government Authority to Self-Regulatory Organizations


August 2008
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BENEDICT, Jeri High An Industry Study of Commercial High-Spatial-Resolution Satellite Remote Sensing
DESAI, Sameeksha Acs Essays on Entrepreneurship and Postconflict Reconstruction
GORY, Duane Pfiffner State Control Over NGOs That Are Not Financially Dependent On The State
SUNDERBRUCH, Jude Pfiffner An Assessment of Neofunctionalist Spillover in Security Structures of the Post-Cold War European Union
TRAMPE, Paul Mayer The Effects on Work Effort of the Simultaneous Phase-Down of Multiple Assistance Programs
May 2008
Student Chair Dissertation Title
AUGUSTINE, Charles D. Gifford Evaluating the Emissions Contribution of Unresolved Vehicle Inspection Failures
DIAMOND, David B. Auerswald Public Policies for Hybrid-Electric Vehicles: The Impact of Government Incentives on Consumer Adoption
LEARY, Mary A. Schintler Policy Intersections or Policy Chasms - State Elder Mobility Policy, Practice and Long-term Care Reform
MORRIS, Andrea Y. Fuller Affordable Housing: A Question of Definition
A Case Study on the Housing Markets of Arlington County, VA and Montgomery County MD
JACKSON, Scott Stough Mulling Over Massachusetts: Health Insurance Mandates and Entrepreneurs
January 2008
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BOOPPANON, Sarasin Reinert The Effects of Bilateral and Regional Investment Agreements on the FDI Inflows into ASEAN Countries
CHENEY, David Kash Information Technology, Science, and Public Policy
MOORE, Lewis Stough Weather-Related Crashes on Public Lands
THOMAS, Kevin Addleson Resistance to Wireless Telecommunication Antenna Siting: A Comparative Case Study of Regulatory Policy
ZHANG, Ting Schintler It's Never Too Late: Elderly Entrepreneurship in the Aging Economy


August 2007
Student Chair Dissertation Title
KOCORNIK-MINA, Adriana Stough The Effects of Space of Inter-State Growth Dynamics and Income Disparities in India - Modeling the Simultaneous Growth of a System of Spatial Units
LIN, Xintong Sibley E-Government Implementation and Practices for Policy Goals - A Methodology and Case Studies
May 2007
Student Chair Dissertation Title
AGARWAL, Vertica Reinert The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Income Inequality: A Study of India
COLEMAN, John J. Tolchin Controlling Prescription Drug Abuse By Design
HOFFMAN, Linda E. Armor Collaborating Virginia Welfare and Workforce Services
KUILER, Erik W. McNeely The Search for Eudaimonia: An Analysis of International Development, Migration, and Gender Equality
NAREL, James L. Avruch/
Humanitarian and Military Organizational Cultures and the Challenges of Contemporary Complex Emergencies
SALAZAR, Maria E. Stough Local Economic Development in Mexico: A Comparative Study of the Methods and Goals of Local, State and Federal Economic Development Agencies
January 2007
Student Chair Dissertation Title
WATKINS, Shanea Armor The Effect of Charter Schools on Academic Achievement and Achievement Gaps


May 2006
Student Chair Dissertation Title
AUGER, Robin N. Kash Public-Private Collaboration in Technological Innovation: An Examination of U.S. Experiences Since World War II
CALHOUN, Todd R. High An Investigation into the Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Freedom in Host Countries
STURTEVANT (FOWLER), Lisa Ann Fuller Immigrant Suburbs: An Analysis of the Residential Mobility and Location Decisions of Recent Immigrants
HOLZHEIMER, Terry F. Stough Smart Growth Policies and the Public Sector Costs of Growth
KIM, Sung Jae Reinert The Impact of Standards and Institutional Capacity on International Trade: An Examination of Food and Agricultural Products
STABILE, Bonnie B. Tolchin Balancing Morality and Economy: The Case of State Human Cloning Policies
WANG, Emily Xiaoxia Stough China As Public Venture Capitalist: Attainment and Policies
January 2006
Student Chair Dissertation Title
CHENG, Shaoming Stough Heterogenous Preferences in the Location Choice of Japanese Investors in China: A Mixed Logit Approach


August 2005
Student Chair Dissertation Title
DEVIRGILIO, Mark Sibley Balancing Information Access and Security (BIAS): Explaining Three Decades of United States Encryption Policymaking
DING, Lei Haynes Telecommunications Infrastructure and Regional Economic Development in China
LINDSEY, Bruce Armor The Effect of Computers on the Mathematics Achievement of American 8th Grade Students
SHOCKLEY, Gordon Stough The Function of Policy Entrepreneurship in American Politics: The Return of Stability to Federal Arts Policy
STEVENS-THOMPSON, Yolanda Perry Analysis of the Eligibility Determination Methods for Medicaid's Aged and Disabled Waiver
SULLIVAN, Ellen McNeely The Webmaster's Tale: Joining the EU Information Society
WALTERS, Julie McNeely Assisted Living Regulation in the United States: Institutional Responses to a New Industry
May 2005
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BELLAS, Dean Demetrius Fuller Fiscal Impact Simulation Modeling: Calculating the Fiscal Impact of Development
ELROD, Catherine Schrader Perry Individuals with Chronic and/or Disabling Conditions: Determinants of Utilization of Physical Rehabilitation Services
GORDON IV, John Pfiffner The Quadrennial Defense Review: Analyzing the Major Defense Review Process
HAN, Lianchao Kash The New Food Pyramid: Culture, Policy and Technology in the TransAtlantic GMO Controversy
RUSTICI, Thomas C. High The Economic Effects of the Smoot-Hawley Act of 1930 and the Beginning of the Great Depression
January 2005
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BAHARMAST, Al Sommer A Decision Framework for the Adoption of Business Process Collaboration in Supply Networks
FRANK, Peter Stough Nonprofit Entrepreneurship in Regional Economies: Organization Creation and Economic Growth
LOYOLA-TRUJILLO, Jose Fuller The Spatial Relocation of Mexico's Largest Exporting Industries: A Comparative Study of Five Metropolitan Areas
MARWAH, Sanjay Haynes Opportunity Structures and Crime in Suburban Los Angeles
MCNAMARA, Castilla Florence Stough Science Policy for Biomedical Crises: Examination and Analysis of the Synoptic Strategy
VACHAL, Kimberly J. Button Economic Growth of Nonmetropolitan and Agricultural Region Cities (Jan. 2005)
YANG, Guang Stough Spatial Proximity, Functional Closeness and Regional Competitiveness
ZANGARDI, John A. LaPorte Regulation of Internet Top Level Domain Names


August 2004
Student Chair Dissertation Title
FARR, DeAnn J. Armor Interstate Equity in Health Policy
THIBAULT, Marc A. Perry A Multivariate Analysis of US Coast Guard Enlistment Propensity
TRANG, Nga T. Armor Building Social Capital through Girl Scouts
ZHAO, Zuoquan Stough The Economic Growth of a Nation: A Spatial Perspective
May 2004
Student Chair Dissertation Title
ARENA, Peter M. Stough High Technology Employment Growth in Metropolitan America: An Empirical Investigation
FAROOQUE, Mahmud A. Kash The Evolution of Technological Forecasting and the Contemporary Policy Systems, 1935-1999
FRYE, Douglas W. Gulledge E-Procurement in the Private and Public Sectors
GORMAN, Sean P. Stough Networks, Complexity, and Security: The Role of Policy in Critical Infrastructure Protection
HENRY, Sandra M. Fuller An Econometric Analysis of Internet Adoption in Latin America and the Caribbean: 1996-2000
JONES, Boyd A. Gulledge Information Technology Enabled Public Sector Service Satisfaction
LI, Ning Kash Innovation Systems and Technology Spillovers: Economic, Geographic, and Institutional Perspectives
MAGGIO, Mark E. Stough Decision-making on Controversial Transport and Enforcement Technology Applications
MAXWELL, Sarah P. Armor The Changing Nature of the Feminist Movement
SCHALLER, Robert R. Kash Technological Innovation in the Semiconductor Industry: A Case Study of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS)
VENERI, Michael C. Pfiffner The Goldwater-Nichols Act and the Joint Duty Promotion Requirement: An Analysis of the U.S. Military's Implementation of a Congressional Mandate
January 2004
Student Chair Dissertation Title
AL-FAHAD, Mohammad Y. McNeely Bridging the Global Digital Divide: Internet Diffusion in Muslim Countries
BRAGG, Michelle L. Fuller Social Fathering Among African American Men and the Impact on Child and Family Outcomes
CHOKPRAJAKCHAT, Srisombat Tolchin Thailand's Agenda Setting Process: The Foundation of the Special Investigation Department Using the FBI
MAAS, Gerard C., Jr. Stough Federal Workforce Restructuring: Agency Responses to External Pressures
POMMERENING, Christine Tolchin The Development of Governance Structures For the Internet. Principles and Practices in the Case of the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)


August 2003
Student Chair Dissertation Title
VLAICU, Sorina O. McNeely Patient Rights versus Managed Care: A Policy Formulation Model
May 2003
Student Chair Dissertation Title
FABSITZ, Richard R. Kash Shifting Federally Funded Research Into Pasteur's Quadrant: A Case Study of the SBIR Program at NIH
LEE, Margo M. Mahler Coping Strategies of Scientific Organizations
PELLETIERE, Danilo Reinert Why Do Countries Protect Used Goods Markets: An Inquiry Into the Used Automobile Trade
TUCKER, Jonathan C. Hill An Analysis of Industry Support for the NSF's Engineering Research Centers
VANCE, Walter K. Pfiffner Financial Management Information Produced as a Result of the CFO Act and Its Use by Federal Government Agencies, the OMB and Congress
XIE, Qingshu Fuller The Dynamics of Regional Income Convergence in the U.S. 1970-2000
January 2003
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BORDEAUX, John M. Fukuyama Self-Organized Air Tasking: Examining a Non-Hierarchical Model for Joint Air Operations
HEARNE, Sheila M. Regan Medical Records: The Role of Advocacy Coalitions in Policy Change
LE FAVOUR, John W. Tolchin Examination of the Influence of TRICARE Implementation on Ambulatory Health Care Utilization
PALUBINSKAS, Ginta T. Stough Economic Transformation: The Full Societal Transformation Thesis
THOMAS, William C. Tolchin Cultural Transformation in the U.S. Air Force


August 2002
Student Chair Dissertation Title
ADASE, James Hill Cultural Divide Between Science and Diplomacy at the Department of State
HIRA, Ronil Gulledge Electronic Commerce and Manufacturing Supply Chain Integration and Management: Approaches to Improve Government Policies
RIGGLE, James Conlan The Future of American Federalism: Modeling State Politics and Policy
May 2002
Student Chair Dissertation Title
ALLEN, Benjamin L. Fukuyama Consumption Taxation of Electronic Commerce: A Comparison of United States (US) and European Union (EU) Policies, 1997 to 2000
AUD, Susan L. Armor Competition and Efficiency Effects of Charter Schools
DEFRANK, Anthony J. Scimecca The Path to Firearms Control: Understanding Government Regulation at the End of the 20th Century
January 2002
Student Chair Dissertation Title
MICHAEL, George J. Fukuyama The U.S. Response to Domestic Right Wing Terrorism and Extremism: A Government and NGO Partnership
Regional Political and Policy Divisions in Ukraine and Moldova
CURTIS, Michael R. Kash Technological Innovation and Public Private Sector Collaborations: The Case of the Advanced Turbine System Program
MUSTAFA, Shahid S. Sibley Factors that Explain Internet Growth in Africa: An Empirical Model


August 2001
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BORTHWICK, R. Bruce Stough Intermodal Intercity Passenger Travel for the Washington Baltimore Region
Dmytro Roman
Lavoie Computerization, Knowledge and Information Technology Initiatives: The Cases of Jordan and Israel
MCQUADE, Samuel C., III Sibley Cops Versus Crooks: Technological Competition and Complexity in the Co-Evolution of Information Technologies and Money Laundering
May 2001
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BROOK, Douglas A. Pfiffner Business Style Financial Statements Under the CFO Act: An Examination of Audit Opinions
COX, Kenneth E. Button Economies of Speed: Policy Implications of High Speed Technologies on the U.S. Maritime Transportation System
EMMONS, Elinor K. Gulledge Public Policy Implications From Private Sector Enterprise Integration
FITZSIMMONS, Carolyn Sibley Knowledge Spillovers From Joint Government-Industry Supported Research: A Case Study from the Automotive Industry
GOODLOE, John M. Lavoie Money, Democracy, and the Southern Tradition
HIGGINS, Lindley R. Fuller Assessing the Economic Impact of Community Based Home ownership Programs on Inner-City Neighborhoods
LITZELMAN, Michael Perry Cost Effectiveness and Cost/Benefits of the Ethiopian and Eritrean Demining Programs
MOHD AMIN, Fatima Hill Innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Malaysian Information Technology (IT) Industry
WILSON, Aleta M. Stough Federal Procurement Policy: Effect on Minority Owned Businesses
WILSON, Clay, III Stough Protection of Rights in Intellectual Property: How Will Public Policy Control Copyright Piracy in the Age of the Internet?
January 2001
Student Chair Dissertation Title
ALPERT, Sheri Lipset Machine Tractable Human Tissue: Policy Implications for Medical Privacy
LALL, Somik Haynes The Role of Infrastructure in Regional Growth
OLSON, Warren Kash Urban Information Systems Technology: Tools and Policy Implications for the Military and Law Enforcement in the 21st Century
RESTON, Russell High The Philippine Economy Under Ramos: A Comparative Scorecard
WARFIELD, Wallace Lipset Politics, Parties, and Conflict Resolution: The Role of Urban Politics in the Management and Resolution of Community Conflict
YILMAZ, Serdar Haynes Regionalization of Telecommunications Investment: Is Telecommunications a Tool in Interregional Economic Competition?


August 2000
Student Chair Dissertation Title
PHILOGENE, G. Stephane Haynes A Comparative Statics Analysis of Efficiency and Productivity Changes of the National Institutes of Health's General Clinical Research Centers: 1990-1997
SALEM, Pofen Fuller The Internationalization of Small Business Service Firms in Metropolitan Economies: A Case Study of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area
STALEBRINK, Odd J. Gifford Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting in Transition: A Study of "Earnings Management" Under the Accrual and Consolidation Model
May 2000
Student Chair Dissertation Title
GETTMAN, Jon Fuller Portfolio Variance Analysis and Sustainable Rural Economic Development
PERINO, George H., Jr. Gulledge Complexity: A Cognitive Barrier to Defense Systems Acquisition Management
PETRIE, Ann Mahler Human Services Coalition: A Theory of Governance
RAY, Marcella Ridlen Lipset Out of the Shadows: An Empirical Analysis of How Civil Society in the U.S. Changed During the 20th Century
January 2000
Student Chair Dissertation Title
ARIEIRA, Carlos Haynes Human Capital and Social Capital within Brazilian Families
HSING, Yulan Haynes Regional Hub Port Performance and Institutional Evaluation: Data Envelopment Analysis for the Port of Kaohshiung
POOLE, Kenneth Fuller The Role of the Practitioner Networks in the Successful Diffusion and Implementation of Policy Innovations: Lessons from Enterprise Zone Experiences


August 1999
Student Chair Dissertation Title
WILLIAMS, Rhys M. Kash The Exchange of Knowledge During Federal Laboratory/Industry Commercial Innovation: Toward New Federal Public Policy Framework
May 1999
Student Chair Dissertation Title
AL-SALLOUM, Tariq M. Haynes Policy Choices In Developing Countries: The Case Of Privatization in Saudi Arabia
DINC, Mustafa Haynes The Dynamics of Efficiency in the State Higher Education Systems in the U.S.: 1974-1994
HANCOCK, John A. Pfiffner Officer Performance: Do the Service Academies Make a Difference? An Examination of the U.S. Navy
MORSTEIN, Jennifer Perry Determining the Structure of the Global Dual Use Nuclear Trade Network
SAGER, Michelle Conlan Cooperation Without Borders: Federalism and International Trade
January 1999
Student Chair Dissertation Title
PANDIT, Nitin S. Haynes Policy Design For Retail Electric Institutions: Artificial Intelligence Representations for a Common Property Resource Approach


August 1998
Student Chair Dissertation Title
ABEL, Troy D. Stough Paths to New Public Policy: Civic Factors and Local Voluntary Environmental Efforts
AL-NSOUR, Maen F. Stough Economic Cooperation Under the Security Dilemma: The Case of Israel and the Arab States
BENSON, Brien Lipset Transit Privatization: A Study in the Policy Process
JIN, Dengjian Kash Knowledge Regimes and National Competitiveness
JOHNSON, Kirk A. Stough What Factors Explain Edge Cities?
KILPATRICK, Henry E. Stough Dynamic Increase Return to Scale, Technology Growth, Lock-in and Hysteresis: A Study of Evolutionary Growth of the Semiconductor Industry in the U.S.
May 1998
Student Chair Dissertation Title
SPENGLER, Arthur W. Stough Why Local Government Employees Choose to Bargain Collectively: The Role of Collective Voice in the Competition For Budget Resources in An Era of Fiscal Discontent
TALKINGTON, Scott W. Lipset The Influence of Political Values and Campaign Spending in 1996 Congressional Elections


August 1997
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BAKER, Paul M.A. Harrington Local Government Internet Sites as Public Policy Innovations
CZARDA, Lawrence D. Stough The Productive Efficiency of Metropolitan County Government: Analysis of the Impact of Government Structure
ESSIS, Jean-Mathieu Clements State Preferences in Multilateral Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policy Making: An Empirical Analysis of the 1995 N.P.T. Review and Extension Conference
PENNY, Robert G. Harrington An Assessment of the Relative Importance of Public Sector Versus Private Sector Export Assistance in the Export Performance of Virginia Manufacturers
May 1997
Student Chair Dissertation Title
FLACH, Helen R. Mahler Influence of the Organizational Culture in Implementing Radical Mission Change in an Agency: The U.S. Soil Conservation Service, 1985-1995
KULIG, Nancy Lynn Mahler The Archetype Model of Leadership
January 1997
Student Chair Dissertation Title
FRASER, Ronald R. White Policy Subsystems and the Idea Whose Time Has Come
HENNESSEY, J. Thomas, Jr. Pfiffner Organizational Culture and the "Reinvention of Government"
LI, Qiangsheng Haynes Regional Dynamics and Growth Advantages of the Washington Metropolitan Economy: An Extended and Integrated Shift-Share Approach
MASTAL, Margaret F. Mahler Governance in American Health Care Organizations: 1984-1993 Elements and Patterns
VALENTINE, Patrick F. Heclo Equality and Efficiency: Telecommunications Policy and Conflicting American Principles


August 1996
Student Chair Dissertation Title
COBIN, John Ellig Building Regulation, Market Alternatives and Allodial Policy
DONNELLY, Daniel K. Mahler The Effect of Met Expectation on Organizational Commitment
LUNN, Maxine P. Lipset Community at a Crossroads - Latino Community Participation in Agenda Setting in Washington, D.C.
POOL, Amy C. Lipset The Path to Power: The Evolution of Rights Discourse in the Twentieth Century United States


August 1995
Student Chair Dissertation Title
ADAMS, Richard C. Kash Culture, Policy, and Technology Innovation: U.S. and Japanese Performance in Electro/Mechanical Technologies
DUNCAN, Robert A. Conlan In Case of Emergency... Coordination of Emergency Management at the Local Level
HANNA, Mitri White Perspectives on Decision Making: The Third United Nations Law of the Sea Conference, 1973-1982
May 1995
Student Chair Dissertation Title
EHRESMANN, Elaine C. Connelly A Marketing Process Model: An Analysis of the National Capital Area's Coordinated Care Program (TRICARE)


August 1994
Student Chair Dissertation Title
MADISON, John J. Kash The Scientific Elite: Enterprising Participants in Science Policy Development
UNDERHILL, Jack A. N Hart-Nibbrig Putting the Pieces Together: An Integrated Approach to Moving Poor Mothers from Poverty to Independence
May 1994
Student Chair Dissertation Title
HOUGH, Paul G. Gulledge Reforming the Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System in the Department of Defense: A Study of Budget Process and Rules


August 1993
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BECK, Richard T. Mahler Engagement: Promoting Intergroup Collaboration and Innovation in Effective Research and Development Management
MEDLOCK, Kathleen V. Pfiffner A Critical Analysis of the Impact of the Department of Defense Reorganization Act on American Officership
PRICE, James E. White/
An Investigation of the Relationship Between Perceived Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness in Matrix Organizations
May 1993
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BAILEY, Marshall, H. III Stough Public Administration Efficiency Through Total Quality Management
COTTER, Joseph D. Clark Keeping the Faith: An Analysis of Ideological Continuity in the FSLN's Revolutionary Leadership in Transition to Revolutionary Rulership in Nicaragua
DESANTIS, Mark F. Stough Leadership, Resource Endowments and Regional Economic Development
ROGERS, Modestine N Hart-Nibbrig The Effects of Judicial Intervention on the Development of Deinstitutionalization Policy for Persons with Mental Disabilities
January 1993
Student Chair Dissertation Title
BODILLY, Susan J. Mahler Organizational Factors the Affect School Reform Efforts: Analysis of High School Attempts to Integrate Academic and Vocational Education


May 1992
Student Chair Dissertation Title
CHUDY, John P. White Political Management and Economic Policy Reform: An Exploration of Structural Adjustment Experience