POGO - Fall 2022

POGO-511-007: Introduction to Data Analysis for PhD Students
Instructor: John Earle

POGO-511-DL1: Intro Data Analysis: Statistical Methods for Policy Analysis
Instructor: Anh Pham

POGO-511-627: Introduction to Data Analysis: Policy and Government
Instructor: David Muhlhausen

POGO-550-001: Contemporary International Security Challenges
Instructor: Michael Morell

POGO-580-002: Skills for Government Contract
Instructor: James McCarthy

POGO-611-001: Advanced Data Analysis for Policy & Government
Instructor: Naoru Koizumi

POGO-646-001: Policy and Program Evaluation
Instructor: Katrin Anacker

POGO-646-002: Policy and Program Evaluation
Instructor: Katrin Anacker

POGO-646-601: Policy & Program Evaluation
Instructor: Michelle Casciato

POGO-741-DL1: Cyber Conflict and International Security
Instructor: Brian Mazanec

POGO-742-DL1: Intro to Intelligence & National Security
Instructor: James Danoy

POGO-750-DL1: Dangers of Technology: AI and Beyond
Instructor: Stephen Ruth

POGO-750-DL3: Current Issues in East Asia
Instructor: Gerrit van der Wees

POGO-750-DL5: Peace Operations: Theory and Practice
Instructor: Arslan Malik

POGO-750-004: Emerging Technologies, Transportation and Public Policy
Instructor: Jonathan Gifford

POGO-750-005: Congress and Intelligence 
Instructor: Ronald Marks III

POGO-750-007: Foreign Intelligence in a Free Society
Instructor: Robert Deitz

POGO-750-008: Public Sector Leadership
Instructor: Anne Holton

POGO-750-009: Intelligence Analysis
Instructor: David Priess

POGO-750-010: U.S. Government Crisis Management
Instructor: James Olds

POGO-750-015: Voting Rights Policymaking
Instructor: Michael Fauntroy

POGO-750-016: Population Policies
Instructor: John May

POGO-750-017: Disinformation and Policy Responses
Instructor: Justin Maddox

POGO-794-001: Internship: Professional Development
Instructor: Robert Deitz

POGO-801-001: Research Design for Social Science and Public Policy
Instructor: Eric McGlinchey