Here you can find checklists to help you determine the requirements you have left to complete before you can graduate. Below you can also find some common academic questions about Mason Core and major requirements.

  • Can a C- or D apply to general education requirements?

ENGH 101 and ENGH 302 require a grade of C or higher. All other general education requirements can be passed with a D or higher. Keep in mind, though, that your cumulative GPA at graduation needs to be 2.0 or higher.

  • What if I got a C- or D in a class, which I wanted to use for the major?

All classes applied to the major must be passed with a grade of C or higher.

  • Which ENGH 302 should I take as a Schar major?

While any ENGH 302 sections complete this general education requirement, we strongly recommend that you take a Social Science section, because they are designed to help you become better writers in your major.

  • When should I take ENGH 302?

Take it after you have completed ENGH 101 (or 100), one Literature course, and 45 credits. It is useful to take it before you take the majority of your upper level GOVT courses, because ENGH 302 will help you write papers in your major.

  • How do I file for graduation?

Please view the the Registrar’s Office website for detailed instructions, deadlines, and the online graduation application.


BA in GVIP Degree Progress Worksheet 2016 to present
BS in Public Administration Degree Progress Worksheet Fall 2016-present
BA in International Security and Law Degree Progress Worksheet Fall 2023 to present

Four Year Plans

Government and International Politics, BA
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