Schar School Learning Communities

It’s always an exciting time to study government, international politics, and public administration at the Schar School of Policy and Government. Expand your network and enhance your time at Mason by joining a Schar School learning community. Our faculty-led communities bring students together to learn and grow through shared interests. Whether you're looking for a residential learning community for your first year at Mason, hoping to develop your research skills, or ready to tackle a global policy issue, you can benefit from a Schar School community. 

George Mason University students doing work in the classroom
George Mason University student speaking to a woman during a Mason Lobbies Day event
Mason students walking downtown in professional clothing while holding folders

Why Join a Learning Community?

  • Broaden your perspective and understanding of today's most pressing issues

  • Develop valuable skills and knowledge you can apply to your career

  • Build lifelong personal and professional connections

  • Forge strong relationships with the faculty director