Stuart Kewley

Dr. Stuart Kewley, BA (hons), MSc (QUB), Mphil and PhD (Cantab), is the Chairman of the Eurasia Consortium (

The Consortium’s companies’ core competencies lie in the area of strategic innovation (the commercialization of research), business development (start ups – spin outs, boutiques and corporates); capital raising, allocation and investment (angel venture capital and seed funds) management consultancy and continuing professional development. Born global with an emergent market focus, the Consortium has country offices in the UK, China and Central Europe and partnerships in Malaysia, India, the UAE, the US and the Russian Federation.

Stuart has held numerous academic positions in the fields of International Political Economy (IPE), Strategy and International Business, Entrepreneurship and Globalisation Studies. He has also undertaken consultancy for a number of businesses and institutions ranging from small-to medium-sized Chinese manufacturers, to not-for-profit organisations such as the Japan Managers’ Association and governmental institutions such as the Tomsk Oblast Regional government and the European Commission. Before starting the Eurasia Consortium, Stuart was the Director of the Postgraduate Diploma Course in European Studies at the University of Oxford’s Department for Continuing Education (OUDCE). Whilst at Oxford, Stuart was a Fellow of Kellogg College. Stuart continues to work with Oxford through Mansfield College and the Saïd Business School and frequently lecturers at the University on European business issues. Stuart is an adjunct professor at the George Mason University Schar School of Policy and Government in Washington and is a visiting Professor at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

His research interests and publications focus on strategy and international trade relations, especially those between Japan and the European Union (EU). More recently, his research interests have broadened to include trade between China and the EU, Managing Organisational Change in a Global context, Global Leadership and Entrepreneurial Leadership and also Globalisation. Stuart has lectured in a number of different European countries including Russia. He has also lectured in China.