GOVT - Spring 2019

GOVT 101-001:Democratic Theory and Practice
Instructor: Mark Russell Royce

GOVT 101-002:Democratic Theory and Practice
Instructor: Mark Russell Royce

GOVT 132-002: Introduction to International Politics
Instructor: Erica Seng-White

GOVT 300-002: Research Methods and Analysis
Instructor: Robert J. McGrath

GOVT 301-001: Public Law and Judicial Process
Instructor: Jonathan Crock 

GOVT 308-001: The American Presidency
Instructor: James P Pfiffner

GOVT 312-001: Political Parties and Campaigns
Instructor: Thomas M Davis

GOVT 318-001: Interest Groups, Lobbying and the Political Process
Instructor: David K Rehr

GOVT 344-001: American Foreign Policy
Instructor: Edward Rhodes

GOVT 346-001: American Security Policy
Instructor: Lee Habib Roberts

GOVT 347-004: International Security
Instructor: Eugene P Tadie 

GOVT 351-001: Administration in the Political System
Instructor: Richard A. Barton

GOVT 351-002: Administration in the Political System
Instructor: Douthard R. Butler

GOVT 355-001: Public Personnel Administration
Instructor: John D. Marvel

GOVT 356-001: Public Budgeting and Finance
Instructor: Leonard Paul Wales

GOVT 364-001: Public Policy Making
Instructor: Timothy J. Conlan

GOVT 368-001: Tools Economic Policy Analysis
Instructor: Sita Nataraj Slavov

GOVT 400-002: Political Networks
Instructor: Jennifer N Victor

GOVT 412-001: Politics and the Mass Media
Instructor: A. Trevor Thrall

GOVT 422-002: Constitutional Interpretation
Instructor: Robert L. Deitz

GOVT 423-001: Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Instructor: Carol Diane Walker

GOVT 443-001: Law and Ethics of War
Instructor: Lee H. Roberts

GOVT 445-003: Human Rights
Instuctor: Rainer Braun

GOVT 444-015: Global Population Trends
Instructor: Jack A. Goldstone

GOVT 448-001: Ethics and International Politics
Instructor: Joseph Kochanek

GOVT 490-001: God, Gaia, and Government
Instructor: Todd M Laporte

GOVT 490-008: The U.S. - Mexico Border Policy
Instructor: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera

GOVT 490-010: Brexit: Implications for the UK and the EU
Instructor: Desmond Dinan

GOVT 540-003: International Relations
Instructor: Ming Wan

GOVT 604-001: Congress/Legislative Branch 
Instructor: Jennifer N Victor

GOVT 741-006: The European Union and Global Security
Instructor: Desmond Dinan

GOVT 744-002: Foundations of Security Studies
Instructor: John Gordon

GOVT 753-002: Third-Party Governance
Instructor: Jason Y Hall

GOVT 800-002: Seminar in Comparative Politics and Institutions
Instructor: Mariely Lopez-Santana