Office of Grant Development

The Schar School Office of Grant Development does the following:

  • Designs and implements policies in regard to sponsored research activities in coordination with the Dean’s Office.
  • Helps faculty to identify funding opportunities.
  • Provides mentors and summer funding to faculty with a successful track record of applying for foundation grants who are now applying for federal grants.
  • Assists in the preparation and submission of proposals.
  • Provides budget guidance for proposals.
  • Provides clarification on Mason research policies.
  • Where possible, provides boiler plate proposal language in the form of templates.
  • Serves as a point of contact with other universities for multi-institutional proposals.
  • Serves as a conduit for Schar School faculty to other college faculty and the Office of Sponsored Programs.
  • Keeps a comprehensive list of Schar School faculty awards and proposal submissions.
  • Keeps track of research expenditure in coordination with the budget office.
  • Keeps a master list of faculty areas of expertise.