Faculty Directory: V - Z

V - Z

  • Photo of Jennifer N. Victor

    Associate Professor

    Areas of Research: Campaign Finance, Elections, Interest Groups, Legislatures, Quantitative Methods, Social Network Analysis, U.S. Politics
  • Photo of Laura Walker

    Associate Professor

    Professor Laura Walker, attorney-at-law, received her Juris Doctorate degree in 1977 and was engaged in the private practice of law in Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois and Virginia prior to joining the GMU faculty.
  • Photo of Ming Wan

    Professor, Associate Dean Schar School Program Faculties

    Areas of Research: East Asia, Foreign Policy, International Development, Political Economy of East Asia, International Relations, International Relations Theory, Political Economy, Political Economy of Security, Sino-Japanese Relations
  • Photo of Zhi Wang

    Senior Policy Fellow

    Areas of Research: Gross Trade Accounting, Measuring Trade in Value-Added, Value Chain in Global Production Network, Computable General Equilibrium Modeling, Data Reconciliation Methods, Economic Integration Among Greater China Area, Chinese Economies, International Trade
  • Photo of Janine R. Wedel

    University Professor

    Areas of Research: Anthropology of Public Policy, Influence Elites, Corruption, Central and Eastern Europe, Foreign Aid, Governance, Privatization of Policy, Social Networks
  • Photo of Judith A. Wilde


    Areas of Research: Public University Presidents’ Compensation, Use of Search Firms in Hiring Presidents and Provosts at Public Universities, Education of K-16 English Learners, Design and Evaluation of Professional Development
  • Photo of David C. Williams

    Distinguished Visiting Professor

    David Williams currently serves as a Distinguished Professor at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia.
  • Photo of Hyeon Yeo

    Affiliate Professor and Distinguished Senior Fellow

    Areas of Research: Business & Policy in the 4th Industrial Revolution, Cognitive Psychology and Decision-making, Creative Management and Development Cooperation, Korean Politics, Leadership Development, Negotiation and Conflict Studies, Sharing Economy, Smart Education, Social Responsibility/Corporate Citizenship
  • Photo of Fengxiu Zhang

    Assistant Professor

    Fengxiu Zhang is an Assistant Professor in Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. She is also a core faculty member at the Center for Resilient and Sustainable Communities in George Mason University.
  • Photo of Ketian Zhang

    Assistant Professor

    Ketian Vivian Zhang is an Assistant Professor of International Security in the Schar School of Policy and Government. Ketian studies rising powers, coercion, economic statecraft, and maritime disputes in international relations and social movements in comparative politics, with a regional focus on China and East Asia.